Orange Room: Mobile Infants


The orange room is designed for mobile infants.  This age various as the child is developmentally appropriate for the room.  The youngest age for this room is 12 months of age and the oldest is 24 months.  The child must be walking, off the bottle, and eating food from the kitchen to be in this room.  The capacity for the infant-x room is 8 children. While in the orange room, the kids work on sitting at a table, eating with utensils, drinking from a cup, sleeping on a mat, and more skills to get ready for the yellow room.  These children do crafts and sensory activities. The room has a kitchen set, book area, soft toys,  babies, music toys, blocks, and much more.  They also get to go outside more, read books, and have dance parties.  They love doing new activities! The orange room has monthly themes on which they plan activities regarding that theme.