Goals and Purpose

Mission Statement

Rainbow Land Preschool and Daycare strives to:

  1. Provide an active, safe learning environment
  2. Meet and exceed childcare standards set by the state
  3. Promote open communication between the staff and parents


Rainbow Land Preschool/Daycare believes that each child is unique. Recognizing each child’s uniqueness, the goal of our program is to create a nurturing environment that enables each child to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually at their own pace (or in their own time frame).
Our staff is dedicated to providing interactions, which will promote positive self-images and esteem. We realize that providing the best care is a collaborative effort between our staff and the child’s parents; therefore, parents are consulted in every aspect of the child’s program. In order to provide superior services, evaluation will be a constant of our program.
Rainbow Land is sensitive to its role in helping provide a quality education that creates productive and responsible individuals. Part of that role is assisting in the learning of our educators; therefore, Rainbow Land freely opens its program to other institutions of learning for the benefit of all society.


The goals we intend to establish for your child(ren) through this daycare and preschool program of varied experiences are:
  1. To encourage independence;
  2. Learn to be with other children;
  3. Become familiar with a group setting;
  4. Develop an interest and joy in learning;
  5. Develop security and a feeling of success;
  6. Develop self-expression;
  7. Develop self-control;
  8. Develop creativity;
  9. Develop responsibility;
  10. Develop kindergarten readiness skills.